The spike protein mRNA found in the Pfizer & Moderna vaccines differs in subtle but important ways from the mRNA found in the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself.
Chemistry of Magic Mushrooms, DMT Analogues, Entourage Effects in Cannabis & Fungi, Novel Psychedelic Medicines, Psychedelic Startups …Listen now (91 min) | Watch, download or listen to M&M episode #71
Rise & Fall of civilizations, psychedelic experience, mysterious of the brain, and more.
"You should never have to pay for taxpayer-funded knowledge."
"Taking ownership of your metabolic health starts with taking ownership of your information diet."
Ritual behavior, ancient Greece, healthy eating & human power dynamics
Infectious Disease, Epidemiology, Pandemics, Health Policy, COVID, Politicization of Science | Jay Bhattacharya | #100Escucha ahora (121 min) | Download, watch or listen to M&M episode #100
“Call your doctor if you have fever, stiff muscles and confusion, which may signal a life-threatening condition."
Martin Kulldorff: Public Health, Pandemics, Epidemiology, SARS-CoV-2 & COVID Public Policy | #61Écoutez maintenant (96 min) | Download, listen, or watch M&M episode #61
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Serotonin Receptors, Tryptamines & Psychedelics | Ryan Gumpper | #102Listen now (75 min) | Download, watch or listen to M&M episode #102
"Perceptions are constructions, but they’re not constructed ex nihilo."
Benefits & Risks of UV Radiation & Sunlight, Skin Health, Vitamin D, Nitric Oxide, Evolution of Skin Color | Richard Weller | #104Escucha ahora (101 min) | Download, watch or listen to M&M #104