Reggie Gaudino: The Phytochemistry, Biochemistry, Genomics & Breeding of Commercial Cannabis | #53Listen now (89 min) | Listen to M&M podcast episode #53
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Exploring the relationship between psychoactive drugs & humanity
David Roberson: Pain Drugs, NSAIDs, Opioids, Oxycodone, Heroin, Fentanyl & the Neuroscience of Pain | #52Listen now (103 min) | Listen to M&M podcast episode #52
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“Call your doctor if you have fever, stiff muscles and confusion, which may signal a life-threatening condition."
Alexandros Marinos: Systems Thinking, Organizational Structures, Building Startups, Remote Work & Control vs. Enablement | #51Listen now (93 min) | Nick talks to tech entrepreneur Alex Marinos about how organizational structures impact group dynamics, growth, conflicts of…
Chris Weikart: Medical Glass, Materials Science & the COVID Vaccine Supply Chain | #50 | Supported by SiO2Listen now (57 min) | Nick talks to materials scientist Dr. Chris Weikart about materials science, medical glass & the vaccine supply chain.
Jonathan Schaefer: Does Adolescent Cannabis (Marijuana) Use Cause Psychosis? | #49Listen now (87 min) | Nick talks to Dr. Jonathan Schaefer about the link between adolescent cannabis (marijuana) use and psychosis.
Sam Wang: Autism, the Cerebellum, Learning, Brain Development, Gerrymandering & Using Data Science to Repair our Democracy | #48Listen now (78 min) | Nick talks neuroscientist Sam Wang about the cerebellum, the neurology and causes of autism, and more.
Podcast #47 | Nathan Price: Metabolism, Blood Sugar, Microbiome, Diet, Aging, Digital Phenotyping & Personalized MedicineListen now (103 min) | Nick talks to Dr. Nathan Price about personalized medicine, digital phenotyping, systems biology, metabolism & blood sugar…
Podcast #46 | David Olson: Psychedelics, Psychoplastogens, Microdosing, Mental Health, Brain Chemistry, Creating Novel DrugsListen now (67 min) | Nick talks to medicinal chemist Dr. David Olson studies psychedelics and a class of compounds called ‘psychoplastogens,’ small…