Jan 5, 2022 • 1HR 7M

Psychedelics, Psychoplastogens, Microdosing, Mental Health, Brain Chemistry, Creating Novel Drugs | David Olson | #46

Nick talks to medicinal chemist Dr. David Olson studies psychedelics and a class of compounds called ‘psychoplastogens,’ small molecules that promote neuroplasticity.

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Nick Jikomes talks to medicinal chemist Dr. David Olson whose lab at the University of California-Davis studies a class of compounds called ‘psychoplastogens,’ which are small molecules capable of promoting neural plasticity. His lab is on the cutting edge when it comes to understanding the mechanisms by which psychedelics and other psychoactive drugs work in the brain. They touch on: latest research from his lab, new tools they're developing and using to understand these drugs, whether it’s likely that we'll be able to produce non-hallucinogenic drug variants of classic psychedelics, and microdosing.

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