May 26 • 1HR 18M

Maayan Levy: Ketogenic Diet, Cancer, Microbiome, Nutrition & the Immune System | #72

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Dr. Maayan Levy is an assistant professor of microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania, where her lab studies the communication between the microbiome and its host, with a focus on the gut microbiome and its relationship to diet, immune system function, and disease. We discuss: her recent study linking the ketogenic diet to lower risk of colon cancer; what the ketogenic diet is and what the metabolic state of ‘ketosis’ does in the body; molecules called ketone bodies, such as BHB, and the extent to which BHB supplementation can recapitulate some of the physiological effects of the ketogenic diet; how the microbiome influences the function and development of the immune system; and the hygiene hypothesis, the idea that modern human cultures may be too clean, or rely too heavily on antibiotics and other technology, and interfere with our microbiome in ways that may be detrimental to metabolic and immunological health.

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