Jan 5, 2022

Does Adolescent Cannabis (Marijuana) Use Cause Psychosis? | Jonathan Schaefer | #49

Nick talks to Dr. Jonathan Schaefer about the link between adolescent cannabis (marijuana) use and psychosis.

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Nick Jikomes, PhD
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Jonathan has a PhD in clinical psychology and he is currently a research psychologist at the University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development. His research focuses largely on the relationship between people’s environments that influence their mental health. He has conducted a number of longitudinal studies using cohorts of identical and fraternal twins, which allow him to tease apart the role of genetic vs. environmental factors in different psychiatric outcomes. 

The conversation  focuses mainly on recent twin studies Dr. Schaefer has done looking at the relationship between adolescent cannabis (i.e. marijuana) use, and psychosis. They talk about what psychosis is and what factors are linked to it, historical work on the relationship between cannabis use and psychosis, and the results of Jonathan's recent twin studies & what they mean.

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