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Thanks for this. But Sci-Hub isn't very good for brand new papers.

Another tool for seeing if there’s a free version of a paper, use the Google Scholar Chrome extension (Mac version) or Google Scholar itself.

3 other helpful browser extensions are: Unpaywall, Open Access Button & PaperPanda

For Twitter users, send a Tweet of the paper’s title with the hashtag #icanhazpdf. It works because people are beautiful(ish).

Finally, email the author. They’re almost always happy to oblige because, thanks to the predatory academic publishing system, they don’t make a dollar off of their papers.

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Thank you so much for this. Knowledge should be free.

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While results vary - I use a variety of search engines, as I do business plan research for a living, and always looking for ways around paywalls. If I actually use a source for a client project, I will pay for it, but object to paying for something in advance only to find out it was not what I was looking for.

In the search box, type - filetype:pdf then type the search term you are looking for. It should return all pdf results. Same for xls, doc, which can get you some really interesting results sometimes.

Also https://12ft.io/ - 12 foot ladder - site that supposedly gets around paywalls, although I have not had much luck with it, it costs nothing to try it.

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