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Connections Between Microbiome, Exercise, Diet, Metabolism, Circadian Rhythms, Endocannabinoids & Health | Christoph Thaiss | #103

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Nick Jikomes
Whether food, drugs or ideas, what you consume influences who you become. Learn directly from the best scientists & thinkers about how your body & mind react to what they're fed. New episodes weekly. Not medical advice.
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Nick talks to biologist Dr. Christoph Thaiss, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. His lab studies how the body detects & responds to environmental stimuli, with a focus on interactions between the gut microbiome, immune & nervous systems. They discuss: sensory systems of the body & basic principles of how they work; gut microbiome & the consequences of depleting it with antibiotics; endocannabinoids & exercise; how microbiome composition influences the brain & motivation to engage in exercise; prebiotics & probiotics; circadian rhythms & eating patterns.

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