Apr 5 • 1HR 9M

Premium Episode | Critical Periods, Neuroplasticity, Language Acquisition, Synesthesia, Childhood Development, Machine Learning & AI, DTC Marketing, Customer Segmentation, Orita.ai | Dan Brady | #111

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Nick Jikomes
Daniel Brady
Whether food, drugs or ideas, what you consume influences who you become. Learn directly from the best scientists & thinkers about how your body & mind react to what they're fed. New episodes weekly. Not medical advice.
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Nick talks to Daniel Brady, PhD a neuroscientist who studied sensory systems in the developing brain. Dr. Brady is also the co-founder and CEO of Orita.ai, a startup using machine learning & AI to solve data problems for direct-to-consumer brands. They discuss: critical periods of learning, childhood brain development, neuroplasticity, synesthesia, lang…

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